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Change Table Views
chapter 16
Database Basics
Switch to Datasheet View
1 Click the Home tab on the
2 Click the bottom half of the View
3 Click Datasheet View .
An even quicker way to switch from Design
view to Datasheet view is to click the top half of the
Access displays the default
Datasheet view of the table.
What sort of modifications can I make
in Design view?
You can add fields by typing new field names
in the Field Name column. You can also
change the field names or change the type
of data that is allowed within a field, such as
text or number data. The Field Properties
area enables you to change the design of the
field itself, specifying how many characters
the field can contain, whether fields can be
left blank, and other properties.
What do the PivotTable and
PivotChart views do?
If you create a PivotTable, you can
use PivotTable view to summarize
and analyze data by viewing
different fields. You can use the
PivotChart feature to create a
graphical version of a PivotTable,
and use the PivotChart view to see various graphical
representations of the data. See the Access help files to
learn more about the PivotTable and PivotChart features.
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