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Add a Field to a Table
Add a Field
to a Table
You can add fields to your table to include more
information in your records. For example, you
may need to add a separate field to a Contacts
table for mobile phone numbers. After you add a
field, you can name it whatever you want. To do
so, double-click the field label, type a new name,
and press
Add a Field to a Table
1 Open the table to which you want
to add a field in Datasheet view.
2 Click the column header where
you want to insert a new field.
Access will add the new field to
the right of the column you select.
3 Click the Fields tab.
4 In the Add & Delete group, click
the button for the type of field
you want to add (here, Text ).
Access adds the new field.
As mentioned, you can rename the field by
double-clicking the field label, typing a new name,
and pressing
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