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Chapter 17: Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
Add a Record
to a Table
You can start building your database by
adding records to a database table. Any
new records that you add appear at the
end of the table. As your table grows
longer, you can use the navigation
buttons on your keyboard to navigate it.
You can press to move from cell to
cell or you can press the keyboard arrow
keys. To move backward to a previous
cell, press
Add a Record to a Table
1 In the Navigation pane,
doubleclick the table to which you want
to add a record.
Access opens the table, placing
the cursor in the first cell of the
first blank row.
By default, the first field in each
table is an ID field, containing a
unique ID number for the record.
This value is set automatically.
2 Press
Access moves your cursor to the
next cell in the row.
3 Type the desired data in the
selected cell.
4 Press .
5 Repeat Steps and until you 4
have filled the entire row.
6 Press or press to
move to the next row or record.
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