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Add a Record to a Form
chapter 17
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
Access moves your cursor to the
next field in the form.
5 Type the desired data in the
selected field.
6 Press
Access moves to the next field in
the form.
7 Repeat Steps and until you 6
have filled the entire form.
8 Press
Access displays another blank
record, ready for data.
To close the form window, you
can click the Close button (
Are there other ways
to insert a new record?
Yes. In addition to clicking
the New button in the
Home tab of the Ribbon
to open a new, blank
record in your form, you
can click the New (Blank)
Record button ( ) on the form window’s
navigation bar (located along the bottom of the
form) to create a new, blank record.
How do I edit a record
in a form?
You can reopen the form,
navigate to the record that
you want to change, and
make your edits directly to
the form data. When you
save your changes, Access
automatically updates the data in your table. To
learn how to display a particular record in a form,
see the next section, “Navigate Records in a Form.”
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