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Navigate Records in a Form
Navigate Records
in a Form
You can navigate your table records using a form. The
form window includes a navigation bar for viewing
different records in your database. You may find it
easier to read a record using a form rather than reading
it from a large table containing other records.
Navigate Records in a Form
1 In the Navigation pane,
doubleclick the form whose records you
want to navigate.
If the form is not visible in the Navigation
pane, click the
along the top of the pane,
, and locate the desired form
under the Forms heading.
Object Type
Access displays the form.
The Current Record box indicates
which record you are viewing.
2 Click the Previous Record ( )
or Next Record ( ) buttons to
move back or forward by one
Access displays the previous or
next record in the database.
You can click the First Record
( ) or Last Record ( ) buttons
to navigate to the first or last
record in the table.
You can click the New (Blank)
Record button (
) to start a
new, blank record.
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