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Sort Records
chapter 17
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
Sort Using a Form
1 Open the form you want to sort.
2 Click in the field by which you
want to sort.
3 Click the Home tab on the
4 Click a sort button.
Click Ascending to sort the
records in ascending order.
Click Descending to sort the
records in descending order.
Access sorts the table records
based on the field you choose.
This example sorts the records
alphabetically by last name in
ascending order.
You can use the navigation
buttons to view the sorted
What happens if I
have empty records
and perform a sort?
If you perform a sort on a
field without any data for
some of your records,
those records are included
in the sort. Records with
empty fields are sorted
first when you perform an ascending sort, or last
with a descending sort.
How do I remove a sort
With the sorted table or form
open, click the Remove Sort
button in the Sort & Filter
group on the Home tab.
This returns the table to its
original sort order. You can
also use this technique to
remove a sort from a query or report. (Queries and
reports are covered later in this chapter.)
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