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Filter Records
chapter 17
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
Filter by Form
1 Open the form you want to filter.
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click the Advanced button.
4 Click Filter By Form .
A blank form appears.
5 Click in the field by which you
want to filter.
6 Click the that appears and
choose a criterion.
7 Repeat Steps and to add 6
more criteria to the filter.
You can set OR criteria using the
tabs at the bottom of the form.
8 Click the Toggle Filter button.
Access filters the records.
To remove the filter, you can click
the Toggle Filter button again.
Can I filter by exclusion?
Yes. You can filter out records
that do not contain the search
criteria that you specify. To do
so, first click in the field that
you want to filter in the form,
click the Selection button on
the Home tab, and then click
an exclusion option. Access
filters out any records that do not contain the data
found in the field that you selected.
What are OR criteria?
Setting OR criteria enables
you to display records that
match one set of criteria or
another. For example, you
might set up your filter to
display only those records
with the value 46989 in the
ZIP field OR the value
46555 in the ZIP field.
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