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Perform a Simple Query
chapter 17
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
The Simple Query Wizard opens.
6 Click the Tables/Queries and
choose the table containing the
fields on which you want to base
the query.
7 In the Available Fields list, click a
field that you want to include in
the query.
8 Click the Add button (
The field is added to the Selected
Fields list.
9 Repeat Steps and to add 8
more fields to your query.
You can repeat Step to choose 6
another table from which to add
When using fields from two or more tables,
the tables must have a prior relationship.
0 Click Next .
What is a table relationship?
Table relationships enable you to
combine related information for
analysis. For example, you might
define a relationship between one
table containing customer contact
information and another table containing customer
orders; then, you could perform a query to locate
all customers ordering the same product. To define
table relationships, click Database Tools and then
click Relationships . (If you created your database
from a template, then certain table relationships
are predefined.)
Are there other types of
queries that I can create?
Yes. When you display the New
Query dialog box, you can choose
from several other query types to
create a query. The Crosstab Query
Wizard creates a query to display
information in a spreadsheet-like format, the Find
Duplicates Query Wizard creates a query that finds
records with duplicate field values, and the Find
Unmatched Query Wizard creates a query that
finds records in one table with no related records
in another table.
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