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Perform a Simple Query
chapter 17
Adding, Finding, and Querying Data
Add Criteria to the Query
1 Double-click the query in the
Navigation pane to open it.
If the query is not visible in the Navigation pane,
click the
along the top of the pane, choose
, and locate the desired query under the Queries
2 Click the View button to switch to
Design view.
3 Click in the Criteria field and type the
data that you want to view.
This example lists a ZIP code as the
4 Click the View button again to switch
back to Datasheet view to see the
The table now shows only the records
matching the criteria.
How do I add another table
to my query?
Switch to Design view, click the
Design tab on the Ribbon, and
then click the Show Table
button. This opens the Show
Table dialog box, where you
can add another table to the
query and choose from among
the available fields to customize
the query.
Can I sort or filter my query?
Yes. You can use the sorting and
filtering features to further define
your query results. To learn how to
sort data, see the “Sort Records”
section, earlier in this chapter. To
learn how to apply a filter, see the
“Filter Records” section, also earlier
in this chapter.
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