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Schedule an Appointment
Schedule an
You can use Outlook’s Calendar component to keep
track of your schedule. You can add notations on the
calendar to remind you of appointments and other
important events. When adding new appointments to
the Calendar, you fill out appointment details, such as
the name of the person with whom you are meeting,
and the start and end times of the appointment.
Tom Schro eder
Schedule an Appointment
1 Click the Calendar button in the
Navigation pane to open the
Calendar component.
2 Click the date for which you want
to set an appointment.
You can click the Date Navigator’s
arrow buttons to choose a
different month.
3 Double-click the time slot for the
appointment that you want to set.
Outlook opens the Appointment
window, displaying the
Appointment tab.
4 Type a name for the appointment.
4 5
Outlook adds the name to the
window’s title.
5 Type a location for the
6 Click the End time and set an
end time for the appointment.
If you did not select the correct
time slot in Step , you can click 3
the Start time
and click a
start time.
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