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Schedule an Appointment
chapter 18
Organizing with Outlook
Outlook automatically sets a
reminder for the appointment.
You can click the
to change
the reminder setting.
When a reminder is set, Outlook displays a
prompt box at the designated time to remind you
about the appointment (assuming, of course, that
Outlook is running).
You can type any notes about the
appointment here.
7 Click the Save & Close button.
Outlook displays the appointment
in the Calendar.
To view the appointment details
or make changes, you can
doubleclick the appointment to reopen
the Appointment window.
The days on which you have any
appointments scheduled appear
bold in the Date Navigator.
How do I categorize an
You can click the Categorize button to
assign color categories to your
appointments to organize them in your
calendar. For example, you might
categorize all work appointments as blue and all
nonwork appointments as red. You can also click Tags and
choose High Importance or Low Importance to
prioritize an appointment, or click Private to prevent
others from seeing the appointment in your calendar.
How do I delete an
appointment from the
To remove an appointment,
right-click the appointment in
the Calendar and click Delete .
You can also click the appointment to select it
and press Delete on your keyboard, or open
the appointment window and click the Delete
button. Outlook immediately deletes the
appointment from your schedule.
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