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Schedule a Recurring Appointment
chapter 18
Organizing with Outlook
Outlook marks the appointment
as a recurring appointment.
4 Click the Save & Close button.
Outlook displays the appointment
in the Calendar.
Recurring appointments are
indicated by a recurrence icon
( ) in the lower right corner
of the appointment on the
Is there an easy way to
set an appointment with
one of my contacts?
Yes. You can quickly create
an appointment with anyone
in your Contacts list. To do
so, open the Contacts
component and right-click
the contact with whom you
want to schedule an appointment. Next, click
Create , and then click Meeting . This opens a
Meeting window, where you can enter appointment
details — such as the date and time — and e-mail a
meeting request to the contact.
How do I add a
holiday to my
By default, holidays do
not appear in Outlook. To
add a holiday, click the
File tab, click Options ,
click Calendar in the
Outlook Options dialog
box, and click the Add
Holidays button under Calendar Options. This
opens the Add Holidays to Calendar dialog box;
click the country or religion whose holidays you
want to add to the calendar and click OK.
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