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Schedule an Event
chapter 18
Organizing with Outlook
6 Enter the event’s date in the Start
time and End time fields.
You can click each field’s to
choose the date from a pop-up
7 Click the Save & Close button.
Outlook displays the event as a
banner in the Calendar for the
date of the event.
To edit an event, you can
doubleclick the event banner and make
your changes in the appointment
window that opens.
How do I plan a meeting?
You can schedule meetings with
other users, sending e-mail messages
to invite attendees, tracking
responses, and designating resources,
such as conference rooms. To do so,
click the Home tab and click the New
Meeting button; a Meeting window
opens, where you can enter the
e-mail addresses of invitees, choose a
meeting date and time, select a
meeting room, and more.
Can I publish my calendar online
so that others can see it?
Yes. To publish your calendar, click
the Home tab, click Publish Online ,
and then click Publish to .
Outlook prompts you to register with
Office Online before launching a
wizard to step you through the
publication process. After your
calendar is published, Outlook
prompts you to invite others to view it; enter the e-mail
addresses of people with whom you want to share your
calendar and click Send .
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