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Save a File
chapter 2
Working with Files
The Save As dialog box appears.
Another way to save a file is to press
+ . If this is the first time the file has
been saved, Office launches the Save As dialog
3 In the Navigation pane, click the
library in which you want to save
the file (here, Documents).
4 In the file list, navigate to the
folder in which you want to save
the file.
5 Type a name for the file in the
File name field.
6 Click Save .
The Office program saves the file
and the new filename appears on
the program window’s title bar.
Can I save a file using a different file type?
Each Office program saves to a default file type. For example, a Word
document uses the DOCX file format. If you want to save the file in a
format compatible with previous versions of Office, you must save it in
the appropriate format, such as Word 97-2003 Document for previous
versions of Word. To save a file in a different format, click the Save as
Type in the Save As dialog box and choose the desired format from
the list that appears. Alternatively, with the file open, click the File tab,
click Share , click Change File Type , and choose the desired file type
from the options that appear.
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