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Create a New Task
chapter 18
Organizing with Outlook
6 Type a note or details about the
task here.
You can set a priority level for the
task using the Priority
To set a completion amount, you
can click the % Complete .
7 Click the Save & Close button.
Outlook displays the task in the
Tasks list.
To view the task details again or
make changes, you can
doubleclick the task to reopen the Task
To change your view of tasks in
the Tasks list, you can click the
Change View button and choose
a view option from the menu that
How do I mark a task as
Click a task in the Tasks list and
then click the Mark Complete
button in the Home tab to mark
the task as complete. Depending
on the current view, completed
tasks may appear with a strikethrough on the
Tasks list or may be hidden. To remove a task from
the list, click it to select it and then click the
Remove from List button in the Home tab.
Can I turn a task into an
Yes. You can assign a task to
another user by turning the
task into an e-mail message.
Open the task and then click
the Assign Task button in the
Home tab to open the Task window. You can add
an e-mail address and a message concerning the
task, and then send the message. To learn more
about e-mailing in Outlook, see the next chapter.
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