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Add a Note
chapter 18
Organizing with Outlook
Outlook adds the note to the
Notes list.
To view the note again or to make
changes, you can double-click the
note to reopen it.
To change your view of notes in
the Notes list, you can click an
option in the Current View
This example displays the Icon
Can I forward the note
to another user?
Yes. You can turn any note
into an e-mail attachment.
Simply right-click the note
in the Notes list and click
Forward to open an
e-mail Message window
with the note attached and
the contents of the note in the Subject line. Enter the
recipient’s e-mail address and add any message text;
then click the Send button. To learn more about
e-mailing with Outlook, see the next chapter.
How do I delete a
note that I no longer
Click the note in the
Notes list and then click
the Delete button in the
Home tab or press
Delete . Alternatively,
right-click the note in
the Notes list and click Delete . Outlook
deletes the note. To delete multiple notes at the
same time, press and hold while clicking
the notes and then press Delete .
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