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Organize Outlook Items
chapter 18
Organizing with Outlook
Create a New Folder
1 In the Folder list, right-click the
folder in which you want to create
a new folder.
2 Click New Folder .
The Create New Folder dialog box
3 Type a name for the new folder.
4 Click the Folder contains
and choose an item type.
5 Click OK.
Outlook creates the new folder.
How do I delete an item from a
Click the folder in the Folders list to
display the items in that folder, select
the item you want to delete, and click
the Delete button in the Home tab.
Outlook places deleted items in the
Deleted Items folder; to empty the folder, right-click it
and choose Empty “Deleted Items” Folder . To delete
an entire folder and all of its items, click the folder in
the Folders list and then press Delete .
Can I create subfolders
for my work items and
home items?
Yes. You can create as many
folders as you need for each
type of Outlook item or for a
variety of items. For example,
you might create a subfolder in your Inbox
folder to place all the corporate correspondence
that you send and receive, or create a folder in
the Tasks folder for a special project.
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