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Chapter 19: E-mailing with Outlook
chapter 19
E-mailing with Outlook
6 Type the message text.
You can use Outlook’s formatting
buttons to change the appearance
of your message text.
To set a priority level for the
message, you can click High
Importance or Low
Importance .
By default, the message priority level is
7 Click Send .
Outlook sends the e-mail
You must be connected to the Internet to
send the message.
Messages you have sent are
stored in the Sent Items folder.
8 Click the Sent Items folder in the
Navigation pane.
The message you sent appears in
the Item list.
Can I save a message
instead of sending it?
Yes. If, for example, you do not
have time to finish composing
your message, you can save it as
a draft. To do so, click the
message window’s button
and click Yes when prompted to
save the message. Outlook saves
the message in the Drafts folder. When you are ready to
recommence composing your message, click the Drafts
folder in the Folders list and double-click the saved
message to open it.
How do I carbon-copy
my message to someone?
You can use the Cc field to
copy the message to another
recipient besides the main
recipient. You can click Cc to
open the Address Book and
select the person’s name. To
send a copy of the message without revealing
the Cc recipient’s name, use the blind carbon
copy, or Bcc, feature. Click Cc, click the person’s
name, and then click Bcc .
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