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chapter 19
E-mailing with Outlook
Outlook expands the conversation,
displaying all the related
6 Click the to compress the
Outlook compresses the
conversation, displaying only
the conversation heading.
What other view options does Outlook
You can organize your messages using any one
of several Outlook views. These include (but are
not limited to) Date view, in which messages
are organized by date; From view, in which
messages are organized by sender; To view, in
which messages are organized by recipient;
Categories view, in which messages are
organized by category; and Importance view, in
which high-priority messages are listed first.
Can I limit which messages are
included in the conversation?
Yes. By default, Outlook displays all
messages from all folders in
Conversation view. If, however, you
want to view only those messages in
the current folder, click the Conversations button in
the View tab and choose Show Messages from
Other Folders in the menu that appears to deselect
this option. Click it again if you decide that you want
to again view all messages from all folders.
I have
two other guitars,
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