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Open a File
chapter 2
Working with Files
The Open dialog box appears.
Another way to launch the Open dialog box
is to press + .
3 In the Navigation pane, click the
library in which the file you want
to open has been saved (here,
4 In the file list, locate and click the
folder in which the file you want
to open has been saved.
5 Click Open .
6 Click the name of the file that you
want to open.
7 Click Open .
The file opens in the program
How do I close an open file?
Closing an open file is simple.
Just click the File tab and click
Close in the screen that
appears. When you do, Office
closes the open file but leaves
the program window open. To
close both the open file and the
program window, click the button in the upper
right corner of the program window. When you
close unnecessary files and programs, you free up
processing power on your computer.
What if I cannot find
my file?
If you are not sure where
your file was saved, you can
use the Search box in the
upper right corner of the
Open dialog box to locate it.
Simply open the folder in
which you believe the file was saved and type
the file’s name in the Search box. Alternatively,
search by author, file type, or date modified.
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