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Create a Blank Publication
Create a Blank
You can create a blank publication, populate it
with your own text boxes, and design a layout to
suit your project. For example, you might want
to create your own brochure or invitation and
customize it by adding your own text boxes and
art objects. (See the “Add a New Text Box”
section, later in this chapter, to learn more about
adding text to a blank publication.)
Create a Blank Publication
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click New .
If you want to create an 8.5 by 11
publication, click the vertical or
horizontal 8.5 by 11 option.
3 Click More Blank Page Sizes .
You can use the scroll bar to scroll
through the available page sizes.
4 Click a page size.
Publisher displays the selected
size here.
You can customize the color
scheme or fonts using these
You can click the Business
information and choose
Create new to create a business
set. A business set contains your
business’s name, address, and
other information. After you
create a business set, you can
select it from the Business
Information list to apply it to a
5 Click Create .
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