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Add Text
When you create a new publication based on a design,
Publisher inserts a layout for the text and displays
placeholder text in the text boxes, also called objects or
frames . The placeholder text gives you an idea of the
text formatting that the design applies and what sort of
text you might place in the text box. You can replace
the placeholder text with your own text.
Add Text
1 Click the text object that you want
to edit.
You may need to zoom in first to
see the text object.
Publisher surrounds the selected
object with handles.
Publisher highlights the
placeholder text within.
2 Type your own text.
Publisher replaces any
placeholder text with the new text
that you type.
To apply formatting to text and to move
and resize text box objects, see the next chapter.
You can click anywhere outside of
the text object to deselect the
text box.
You can continue entering text to
build your publication.
To edit the text at any time, you
can click the text box and make
your changes.
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