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Print a File
chapter 2
Working with Files
You can access additional print
options under Settings.
View a preview of the printed file
3 Click Print .
The Office program sends the file
to the printer for printing.
How do I print using default settings?
If you do not need to change any of your default print settings, such as the
printer used or the number of copies, you can simply click the Quick Print
button ( ) on the Quick Access toolbar. If the Quick Print button does not
appear on your Quick Access toolbar, you can add it. To do so, click the
Customize Quick Access Toolbar button ( ) to the right of the Quick
Access toolbar. A list of commands you can add to the toolbar appears; click
Quick Print to add the Quick Print button ( ) to the Quick Access toolbar.
(Notice that you can also add a Print Preview button to the Quick Access
toolbar; clicking that button opens the Print screen.)
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