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Link Text Boxes
chapter 2 1
Fine-Tuning a Publication
Publisher links the two boxes, and
moves any extra text from the first
text box into the second text box.
You can click the Previous button
to return to the previous text box.
You can click the Next button to
go to the next text box.
Break a Link
1 Click the first text box that you
want to disconnect.
2 Click the Format tab.
3 Click the Break button.
Publisher breaks the link.
Are there other ways to handle
Yes. In addition to correcting overflow text
by connecting text boxes and flowing the
extra text across them, you can also use
Publisher’s Text Fit tools to auto-fit your text
into the text box. To do so, click the text box
to select it, and then click the Format tab.
Next, click the Text Fit button in the Text
group and choose Best Fit .
Why does Publisher reduce my font
size to fit my text in a box?
With some publication designs,
Publisher’s Autofit feature is turned on
by default, and Publisher tries to fit your
text into the space provided. To turn this
feature off, select the text object to
which it has been applied, click the
Format tab, click the Text Fit button,
and click Do Not Autofit .
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