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Add a Building Block Object
chapter 2 1
Fine-Tuning a Publication
Publisher adds the object to your
You can move and resize the
object to suit your layout.
Refer to the section “Move and Resize
Publication Objects” earlier in this chapter to
learn more.
Can I customize a Building
Block object?
Yes. Many of the Building Block
objects are composed of simple
lines and shapes. You can
customize the appearance of an
object by selecting individual
parts of it and making changes
to the selection’s formatting. For example, you
might change the border or fill color of an object.
You can also change the text in a Building Block
object by selecting it and typing over it.
How do I select an individual
line or fill color to edit?
You may need to ungroup an
object to edit individual elements
such as lines, fills, and shapes. To
do so, click the object, the Home
tab, and then the Ungroup
button ( ). You may need to
click the button more than once to free all of the
object’s individual elements. When you finish
making your edits, click the Group button (
) to
turn the elements back into a single object.
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