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Type and Draw Notes
chapter 22
Taking Notes with OneNote
Draw Notes
1 With the page on which you want
to draw open in OneNote, click
the Draw tab.
2 In the Tools group, click a drawing
Click the More button ( ) to
view all available drawing tools.
3 Draw your note.
Can I format my typed text?
Yes. In the OneNote Home tab,
you can change the text font,
size, and color, and apply bold,
italics, underline, subscript, or
superscript formatting. You can
also format text as a bulleted list
or a numbered list. You can even
apply styles, such as Heading 1, Page Title, and
so on. To format text, simply select it and click
the appropriate option in the Home tab.
How do I move a note?
To move a typed note, position
your cursor over the text to reveal
the note container; then move the
cursor to the container’s header.
The cursor changes to ; click
and drag the container to the
desired location. To move a drawn
note, press while dragging over the drawing
to select all its parts. Then position your cursor over
the selection. When the cursor changes to , click
and drag the selection to the desired location.
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