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Insert a Screen Clipping
Insert a
Screen Clipping
You can use OneNote’s Screen Clipping feature
to “clip” portions of Web pages and paste them
into OneNote. Screen clippings are especially
helpful when you are researching on the Web,
planning a trip, or comparing products. For
example, you might clip an image of a car you are
interested in buying or a price sheet for a service
you are considering using.
194 0s vin tage gas
pu mp. Very good
c ondi tion.
$4 ,695. 00
This pump
is roughly
$5,000 -
make appt.
to see
Insert a Screen Clipping
1 In Internet Explorer, open the Web
page containing the item you
want to clip.
2 In OneNote, click the spot on the
page where you want to insert the
3 Click the Insert tab.
4 Click the Screen Clipping button.
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