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Record an Audio Note
Record an
Audio Note
If you are attending a significant meeting or
lecture, or even participating in an important
telephone conversation or conference call, you can
use OneNote to record it and store the recording
as part of your notes. Note that in order to record
audio, you must have a microphone. Most laptop
and tablet PCs come with microphones built in.
(Note: You should always ask permission before
recording someone.)
Record an Audio Note
1 With the page to which you want
to attach a file open in OneNote,
click the Insert tab.
2 Click the Record Audio button.
OneNote begins recording.
A shortcut icon for the audio file
The Audio & Video Recording tab
appears, displaying playback
You can type notes as you record. When you
do, OneNote links the note to the recording,
displaying a small icon alongside it. You can click
this icon to listen to the audio that was recorded at
the time you typed the note.
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