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Record an Audio Note
chapter 22
Taking Notes with OneNote
3 To stop recording, click the Stop
OneNote stops recording.
Can I record video notes?
Yes. If your computer features
a video capture device such as
a webcam, you can record
video notes. To do so, click the
Record Video button in the
Insert tab. OneNote launches a
video screen in which you can
view the footage as it is recorded, displays a
shortcut icon for the video recording, and displays
the Audio & Video Recording tab. To stop
recording, click the Stop button in the tab.
How do I play back my
When you create an audio or
video recording in OneNote, a
shortcut icon for that audio file
appears. To play back the
recording, double-click the
shortcut icon. OneNote plays
back the file. It also launches
the Audio & Video Playback tab, with playback
controls for pausing, stopping, rewinding, and
fastforwarding the recording.
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