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E-mail a File
chapter 2
Working with Files
Office launches an Outlook New
Message window.
The name of your file appears in
the New Message window’s
Subject line.
The file is attached to the
5 Type the message recipient’s
e-mail address in the To field.
6 Type your text in the body of the
7 Click Send .
What if my recipient does not have the necessary software to
open the file?
Suppose you need to share an Office file, but your recipient does not have
Office on his or her computer. In that case, you can send the file in PDF or
XPS format. When you use these formats, files look the same on almost any
computer, with fonts, formatting, and images remaining consistent. The
tradeoff, however, is that unlike an Office file, the contents of PDF and XPS
files are not easily changed — meaning your recipient cannot edit the file.
As long as no edits are required, you can send a PDF or XPS version of your
file by following the steps in this section, but choosing Attach a PDF copy
of this file to an e-mail or Attach a XPS copy of this file to an e-mail in the Send
Using E-Mail screen (refer to Step ) instead of Attach a Copy of This File to an E-mail. 4
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