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Select Data
You can select data in your file to perform different
tasks, such as formatting or copying and pasting.
Depending on what program you are using, Office
offers several different selection techniques. For
example, in Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher, you
can use your mouse pointer or your keyboard to select
a single character, a word, a sentence, a paragraph, or
all the data in the file.
Select Data
Click and Drag to Select Data
1 Click to one side of the word or
character that you want to select.
2 Drag the cursor across the text
that you want to select.
Word selects any characters that
you drag across.
You can use this technique to
select characters, words,
sentences, and paragraphs.
To deselect selected text, simply
click anywhere outside the text or
press any arrow key on your
This technique also works for selecting
images in your Office files. In addition, you can
select images by simply clicking them.
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