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View Multiple Files
chapter 2
Working with Files
The files appear side by side.
You can click the Close button
) to close a file.
5 To split a single file into scrollable
panes, click the Split button.
A horizontal bar appears over the
6 Drag the bar up or down to resize
the panes, and click to set the bar
in place when the panes are the
desired size.
To return the page to a full document again,
click the
button again.
What does the
Switch Windows
button do?
If you open two or
more files, you can click
the Switch Windows
button on the View tab
to view a list of every
open file in the current
Office program. You can then choose a file in
the list to view it. You might use this feature
to quickly display a file that you want to edit.
How do I redisplay full
windows again?
Each open file has a set of window
controls — Minimize ( ),
Maximize ( ), Restore ( ), and
Close ( ) — to control the
individual document window. If
you use the Arrange All command
to display several open files at
once, you can click the Maximize button ( ) in the
upper right corner of a file’s pane to open the file to its
full window size again.
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