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Chapter 3: Office Graphics Tools
chapter 3
Office Graphics Tools
The Clip Art task pane displays
any matches for the keyword or
phrase that you typed.
You can use the scroll bar to
move through the list of matches.
6 To add a clip art image, click the
The clip art is inserted into the file.
The Picture tools appear on the
Format tab.
You can resize or move the clip
See the “Resize and Move Objects” section,
later in this chapter, to learn more.
To deselect the clip art, you can
click anywhere else in the work
You can click
to close the
How do I search for a particular type
of clip art, such as a photo or sound
To search for a particular type of media,
click the Results should be . The
dropdown menu displays a list of different
media types. You can select or deselect
which types to include in your search. If
you leave the All media file types check
box selected, you can search for a match
among all of the available media formats.
How do I find details about
the clip art?
To find out more about the clip
art’s properties in the Clip Art task
pane, position the over the
image, click the , and then click
Preview/Properties . This opens
the Preview/Properties dialog
box, where you can learn more
about the file size, filename, file
type, its creation date, and more.
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