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View Clip Art with the Clip Organizer
chapter 3
Office Graphics Tools
To view information about a clip
art image, you can position the
over the image.
To add a clip art image to the
current document, you can drag
the clip art to your work area.
You can click the Search button
to display settings for conducting
a search for clip art on your
9 When you finish viewing the clip
art, click
The Microsoft Clip Organizer
window closes.
How do I create my own clip art
To create your own clip art collection,
click the Collection List button in
the Clip Organizer window, right-click
the folder in which you want to
create your collection, and choose
New Collection . In the New Collection dialog box,
type a name for your collection; then click OK. To add
a piece of clip art to the collection, follow the steps in
the next section.
Can I copy clip art from
one collection to another?
Yes. You can copy clip art
from one collection and paste
it into another collection
using the Microsoft Clip
Organizer. Simply click the
clip art that you want to copy,
and then use the Copy (
) and Paste (
buttons on the Microsoft Clip Organizer’s
toolbar to copy and paste the clip art.
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