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Insert a Picture
chapter 3
Office Graphics Tools
5 Click the file you want to add.
6 Click Insert .
Image files, also called objects, come in a
variety of file formats, including GIF, JPEG, and
The picture is added to the file.
The Picture tools appear on the
Format tab.
You may need to resize or
reposition the picture to fit the
See the “Resize and Move Objects” section
to learn more.
To remove a picture that you no
longer want, you can click the
picture and press Delete .
If I am sharing my file with
others, can I compress the
pictures to save space?
Yes. You can compress image
files that you add to any file.
To do so, click the image, click
the Format tab on the Ribbon,
and click the Compress
Pictures button ( ) in the Adjust group. In the
Compress Pictures dialog box, fine-tune settings as
needed and click OK to compress the pictures.
I made changes to my picture,
but I do not like the effect.
How do I return the picture to
the original settings?
You can click the Reset Picture
button ( ), located in the Adjust
group on the Format tab, to
restore a picture to its original state. This
command removes any edits that you applied to
the image. Activating this command does not
restore the original size of the image.
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