Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Resize and Move Objects
chapter 3
Office Graphics Tools
Move an Object
1 Click the object that you want to
2 Drag the object to a new location
on the worksheet.
When you release the mouse
button, the object moves to the
new location.
You can also move an object by cutting it
from its current location and pasting it in the
desired spot. For help, refer to the section “Cut,
Copy, and Paste Data” in Chapter 2.
How can I wrap text around an object?
If you insert an object into a Word or Publisher file, you can control
how text in the file wraps around the object. For example, you may
want the text to wrap tightly around a clip art graphic or to make the
text appear to overlap an image. To do so, click the object, click the
Text Wrapping button in the Format tab, and choose a wrap style (
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