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Rotate and Flip Objects
chapter 3
Office Graphics Tools
Flip an Object
1 Click the object that you want to
The Format tab opens and
displays the Picture tools.
2 Click the Rotate button (
) on
the Format tab.
3 Click Flip Vertical or Flip
Horizontal .
The object flips.
How do I rotate text?
The easiest way to rotate text is
to first create a WordArt object
to rotate. You can learn how to
create a WordArt object in the
upcoming section “Create a
WordArt Object.” After you
create the WordArt object, you can rotate it
using the steps shown in this section. You can
also choose from several preset vertical text
styles among the WordArt styles.
Is there a way to constrain how
much rotation occurs when I
drag the rotation handle?
Yes. To constrain the rotation to
15-degree angles, press and hold
while rotating the object
using the rotation handle. You can
also choose to rotate the object in 90-degree
increments by clicking the Rotate button ( ) on the
Format tab and then choosing the Rotate Right 90° or
Rotate Left 90° command.
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