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Add SmartArt
chapter 3
Office Graphics Tools
The diagram and placeholder text
boxes appear, along with the Text
7 Click in a text box and type the
text for the item.
You can change the layout here.
8 Continue typing text in each
diagram text box.
To add another text box and
element to the diagram, click the
Add Shape button.
To change the shape style, click
another shape from the SmartArt
Styles group.
Can I resize my
Yes. The diagram is an
object that you can move
and resize just like other
objects in the Microsoft
Office programs. To move
or resize a diagram, see the
“Resize and Move Objects”
section. You can also use the controls on the
Format tab to change the size of the diagram.
Can I change a shape’s position
or shape in the diagram?
Yes. To change the position, click the
shape element in the diagram, and
then click the Promote or Demote
button in the Create Graphic group
on the Design tab. To change the
shape to a new shape, first click the
shape to select it; then click the Format tab and
click the Change Shape button in the Shapes
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