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Edit a File in Office Live Workspace
Edit a File in Office
Live Workspace
Suppose you have saved a Word document in an
Office Live workspace. You can open that
document within Word to edit it. When you save
the document, any changes you made to it will be
visible in the Office Live workspace. The same is
true for Excel and PowerPoint files on an Office
Live workspace.
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Edit a File in Office Live Workspace
1 Click the workspace containing
the file you want to edit.
2 Click the link for the file to open it.
The file opens in Office Live
3 Click the Edit button.
An Open Document dialog box
may appear, warning you that you
should open the file only if it is
from a trusted source.
Alternatively, you may be warned that the
file you have created may be unsafe. Click the
Enable Editing
button to proceed.
4 Click OK.
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