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Share a Workspace
chapter 4
Working with Office Files Online
Share a File
1 Click the Documents workspace.
2 Select the check box next to the
file you want to share.
3 Click Share .
4 Click Share Document .
Office Live Workspace creates an
e-mail invitation.
5 To give someone Editors access,
click in the Editors field and type
his or her e-mail address.
6 To give someone Viewers access,
click in the Viewers field and
type his or her e-mail address.
7 Click in the Message field and
type a message to accompany the
Select this check box to enable
others to preview your workspace
without signing in to Office Live.
Select this check box to receive a
copy of the sharing invitation.
8 Click the Send button.
Office Live Workspace sends the
sharing invitation.
How do I change sharing settings?
When you share a workspace with
others, a sharing icon ( ) appears.
When the workspace is open in Office
Live Workspace, a View Sharing Details
link is also shown. Click this link to
view users with whom this site is
shared and the sharing permissions
associated with each user. To share with more users,
click the Share with More button; to stop sharing, click
the Stop Sharing button.
What does the Comment
feature do?
Clicking the Comment
button opens a Comments
pane. Here, you can type
comments, which are visible
to anyone who has access
to the workspace. To add a comment, simply
type your comment text and click Add
Comment . To close the Comment pane,
click the Close link.
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