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Chapter 5: Adding Text
chapter 5
Adding Text
Switch Layout Views
1 Click the View tab on the Ribbon.
2 Click a layout view button.
Word immediately displays the
new view.
In this example, Draft view
displays the text without graphics
or other elements.
You can also switch views using
the View buttons at the bottom of
the program window.
How do I move through a
Word document?
You can use the scroll bars to
move up and down a
document page, or you can use
the keyboard keys. For
example, you can press the
arrow keys to move up, down,
left, and right in the document, or you can press
Page Up and Page Down keys to move up and
down in the document.
What can I do in the
Outline view?
If you create documents built
on a structure that incorporates
headings, subheadings, and
body text, you can use the
Outline view to see and make
changes to the document
structure. When you activate the Outline view, the
Outlining tab appears. You can use the buttons on
the tab to change heading styles and levels to
modify your document’s structure.
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