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Type and Edit Text
chapter 5
Adding Text
Edit Text
1 Click in the document where you
want to fix a mistake.
2 Press to delete
characters to the left of the cursor.
3 Press Delete to delete characters
to the right of the cursor.
You can also delete selected text.
If you make a spelling mistake, Word either
corrects the mistake or underlines it in red.
How do I add lines to my Word documents?
If you type three or more special characters on a
new line and press , Word replaces the
characters with a line of a particular style. For
example, if you type three asterisks and press
, Word displays a dotted line. Use this table
for more line styles that you can add:
What is the difference
between Insert and
Overtype mode?
By default, Word is set to
Insert mode. That is, when
you insert the cursor and start
typing, any existing text
moves over to accommodate
the new text. If you switch to Overtype mode, the
new text overwrites the existing text. To toggle
between these modes, simply press . First,
though, you must set up Word to allow this. To do
so, click the File tab, click Options , and click the
Advanced tab in the window that appears. Under
Editing Options, select the Use the Insert key to
control Overtype mode check box; then click OK.
Line Style
Dotted line
Double line
Wavy line
Thick decorative line
Thick single line
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