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Insert Symbols
chapter 5
Adding Text
The Symbol dialog box appears.
5 Click the character that you want
to insert.
and click
another font to change which symbols appear in
the Symbols tab. For example, the Wingdings font
includes a library of character icons, such as clocks
and smiley faces, whereas the Symbols font lists
basic symbols.
6 Click Insert .
You can click the
Word adds the character to the
current cursor location in the
The dialog box remains open so
that you can add more characters
to your text.
7 When finished, click Close .
How do I add a special character?
To add a special character, such as an em dash, a copyright symbol, an
ellipsis, or similar characters, open the Symbol dialog box and click the
Special Characters tab. Locate and click the character you want to add,
and then click Insert . Click Close to close the dialog box.
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