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Session 2 Quick Check
Trouble? If you are supposed to log off rather than shut down, skip Step 2, click
the More Options button
instead, click Log off, and follow your school’s logoff
Decision Making: Log Off, Sleep, or Shut Down?
If you are using a computer on the job, your organization probably has a policy about
what to do when you’re finished working on the computer. If it does not, deciding on the
best approach depends on who uses the computer and how long it will be idle. Keep the
following guidelines in mind as you make your decision:
• Log off: This command closes all programs and logs you off of Windows 7 but leaves the
computer turned on. If another person might use your computer shortly, log off Windows
to protect your data and prepare the computer for someone else to use.
• Sleep: By default, Windows 7 is set to sleep after 15–30 minutes of idle time, depending
on whether you are using a notebook or desktop computer. If you will be away from the
computer for more than 15 minutes but less than a day, you can generally let the
computer go to sleep on its own.
• Shut down: If your computer is plugged in to a power outlet and you don’t plan to use
the computer for more than a day, you save wear and tear on your electronic
components and conserve energy by shutting down, which ends your Windows 7 session and
turns off your computer. You should also turn off the computer when it is susceptible to
electrical damage, such as during a lightning storm, and when you need to install new
hardware or disconnect the computer from a power source. If your notebook computer
is running on battery power only and you don’t plan to use it for more than a few hours,
you should also turn it off to save your battery charge.
In this session, you learned how to start and close programs and use multiple
programs at the same time. You worked with windows and the controls they provide,
learned how to get help when you need it, and how to turn off Windows 7.
Session 2 Quick Check
1. The left pane in a folder window is called the
, which shows
icons and links to other resources your computer can access.
2. True or False. The Music library is a convenient location that Windows provides
for storing your music fi les.
3. Describe two ways to change the view in a folder window.
4. In the Windows Explorer window, what appears in the right pane when you
click a folder icon in the left pane?
5. How can you view fi le details, such as size or date modifi ed, in Large Icons view?
6. The list logically organizes all of the topics in Windows Help
and Support into books and pages.
7. How can you quickly fi nd Help pages related to a particular topic in the
Windows Help and Support window?
8. Describe what happens when you choose the Sleep option on the Shut down
button menu.
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