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Review Assignments
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The day before your fi rst class teaching Back to Work clients the basics of using Windows 7,
Elena Varney offers to observe your tour of the operating system. You’ll start working on
the Windows 7 desktop, with no windows opened or minimized. Complete the following
steps, recording your answers to any questions according to your instructor’s preferences:
1. Start Windows 7 and log on, if necessary.
2. Use the mouse to point to each object on your desktop. Record the names and
descriptions of each object as they appear in the ScreenTips.
3. Click the Start button. How many menu items or commands are on the Start menu?
4. Start WordPad. How many program buttons are now on the taskbar? (Don’t count
toolbar buttons, items in the notifi cation area, or the three default taskbar buttons to
the right of the Start button.)
5. Start Paint and maximize the Paint window. How many programs are running now?
6. Switch to WordPad. What are two visual cues that tell you that WordPad is the active
7. Close WordPad and then click the Restore Down button in the Paint window.
8. Open the Recycle Bin window. Record the number of items it contains. Drag the
Recycle Bin window so that you can see it and the Paint window.
9. Close the Paint window from the taskbar. What command did you use?
10. Click the Organize button on the toolbar in the Recycle Bin window. Write down
the commands on the menu. Point to Layout, and then click Menu bar to display the
menu bar.
11. Use any menu on the Recycle Bin menu bar to open a dialog box. What steps did
you perform? What dialog box did you open? For what do you think you use this
dialog box? Click Cancel to close the dialog box. Close the Recycle Bin window.
12. Open a folder window, and then open the Public Documents folder from the
Navigation pane. Explain how you navigated to this folder.
13. Open a folder in the Videos library and then describe its contents.
14. Change the view of the folder window. What view did you select? Describe the
icon(s) in the folder window.
15. Close the folder window, and then open Windows Help and Support.
16. Use the Learn about Windows Basics link to learn something new about the
Windows 7 desktop. What did you learn? How did you fi nd this topic?
17. Return to the Home page, and then browse Help topics to fi nd information about
customizing your computer. How many topics are listed? ( Hint : Don’t include Help
categories.) Use the Search Help box to fi nd information about customizing your
computer. How many topics are listed?
18. Close Help, and then close any other open windows.
19. Turn off Windows 7 by using the Sleep command, shutting down, or logging off.
20. Submit your answers to the preceding questions to your instructor, either in printed
or electronic form, as requested.
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