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Apply: Case Problem 2
Case Problem 2
Work with
Windows 7 on
a computer
for a catering
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
East End Catering After completing culinary school and working as a sous chef for
restaurants in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Felicia Makos started a catering company called East
End Catering that specializes in dishes that contain organic, locally grown ingredients.
So that she can concentrate on cooking and marketing, she hired you to help her
perform offi ce tasks as her business grows. She asks you to start by teaching her the basics
of using her computer, which runs Windows 7. She especially wants to know which
programs are installed on her computer and what they do.
Some of the following steps instruct you to list the contents of windows and menus. Refer
to the instructions in the ProSkills exercise at the end of this tutorial if you want to print
images of these windows instead. Complete the following steps:
1. Open the Start menu and write down the programs listed in the left pane.
2. Start one of the programs in the left pane and then describe what it does. Close the
3. Open the Start menu, display the All Programs list, and then open the Accessories
folder. Examine the list of programs in the Accessories folder and its subfolders, and
then close the Start menu.
4. Click the Start button, and then start typing the name of a program you noted in a
previous step. Describe what happens.
5. Use Windows Help and Support to research one of the programs you examined in
the previous step, such as Calculator or Notepad. Describe the purpose of the
program and how to perform a task using that program.
6. Use the Search Help box in Windows Help and Support to list all the Help topics
related to the program you researched in the previous step. How many topics are
displayed in the results?
7. Start the program you researched. Click the Help button on the program’s menu bar,
and then explore the Help topics. Open and read a Help topic in the program.
8. Find a similar topic in Windows Help and Support, and then read that topic.
Compare this topic to the ones you explored in the previous step.
9. Close all open windows.
10. Submit your answers to the preceding questions to your instructor, either in printed
or electronic form, as requested.
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