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Challenge: Case Problem 3
Extend what
you’ve learned to
customize folder
Case Problem 3
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Friedman Alternatives Warren Friedman recently started his own small fi rm called
Friedman Alternatives, which analyzes and recommends sources of alternative energy for
various manufacturing businesses. Most of these businesses want to cut their expenses
related to energy, and are interested in helping to conserve fuel and preserve the
environment. Warren typically uses the Windows Explorer window to work with his fi les,
but suspects he is not taking full advantage of its features. As his new special-projects
employee, he asks you to show him around the Windows 7 folder windows and
demonstrate how to customize their appearance. Complete the following steps:
1. Start Windows Explorer. Click the Organize button on the Windows Explorer toolbar,
and write down any commands that seem related to changing the appearance of the
2. Select a command that lays out the Windows Explorer window so that it displays a
single pane for viewing fi les. What command did you select? Restore the window to
its original condition.
3. Navigate to the Pictures library and display its contents. Double-click the Sample
Pictures folder to open it. (If your computer does not contain a Sample Pictures folder,
open any folder that displays pictures.) Display the icons using Large Icons view.
4. Change the view to Content view. Describe the differences between Large Icons and
Content view.
5. Click the Slide show button on the toolbar. Describe what happens, and then press
the Esc key.
6. With the Details pane open, click a picture fi le. Describe the contents of the Details
pane. Also identify the buttons on the toolbar.
7. Repeatedly click the Change your view button to cycle from one view to another.
Describe the changes in the window.
8. Display the window in Details view.
9. On the Organize button menu, click Folder and search options to open the Folder
Options dialog box. Select the option that shows all folders in the Navigation pane,
and then click the OK button. Describe the changes in the Sample Pictures window.
10. Open the Folder Options dialog box again, click the Restore Defaults button, and
then click the OK button.
11. Open the Windows Help and Support window and search for information about folder
options. Find a topic explaining how to show hidden fi les. Explain how to do so.
12. Close all open windows.
13. Submit the results of the preceding steps to your instructor, either in printed or
electronic form, as requested.
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