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Research: Case Problem 4
Case Problem 4
Use the Internet
to provide
information to
an import/export
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Majolica Imports After moving from southern France to New York City, Marie and
Bruno Tattinger decided to start a company that imports hand-painted French and Italian
ceramics. Both Marie and Bruno travel frequently, and they use laptop computers
running Windows 7 to manage their business when they are on the move. They have hired
you as a consultant to help them use and maintain their computers. Marie asks you to
help her research wireless networks so she can set up a wireless network at home and in
their offi ce. You suggest starting with Windows Help and Support, and then expanding to
the Internet to search for the latest information. Complete the following steps:
1. In Windows Help and Support, fi nd information about the hardware Marie needs to
set up a wireless network.
2. Use the Ask button to visit the Microsoft Web site to obtain more information about
wireless networks.
3. Choose a topic that describes how to set up a wireless network for a home or small
offi ce, and then read the topic thoroughly.
4. On the Microsoft Web site, search for information about adding a Bluetooth device
to the network.
5. Write one to two pages for Marie and Bruno explaining what equipment they need
to set up a wireless network and the steps they should perform. Also explain how
they can add their Bluetooth mobile phones to the network.
6. Submit the results of the preceding steps to your instructor, either in printed or
electronic form, as requested.
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