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Managing Folders and Files
The fi le icons in your window depend on the programs installed on your computer, so
they might be different from the ones shown in Figure 6.
Managing Folders and Files
After you devise a plan for storing your fi les, you are ready to get organized by creating
folders that will hold your fi les. For this tutorial, you’ll create folders in the Tutorial folder.
When you are working on your own computer, you usually create folders within the My
Documents folder and other standard folders, such as My Music and My Pictures.
Examine the fi les shown in Figure 6 again and determine which fi les seem to belong
together. Map, Paris, and Rome are all graphics fi les containing pictures or photos. The
Resume and Stationery fi les were created for a summer job hunt. The other fi les were
created for a neighborhood association trying to update a playground.
One way to organize these fi les is to create three folders—one for graphics, one for
the job hunt fi les, and another for the playground fi les. When you create a folder, you
give it a name, preferably one that describes its contents. A folder name can have up to
255 characters, except / \ : * ? “ < > or |. Considering these conventions, you could
create three folders as follows:
• Graphics folder: Map, Paris, and Rome fi les
• Job Hunt folder: Resume and Stationery fi les
• Playground folder: Flyer, Proposal, and Members fi les
Guidelines for Creating Folders
• Keep folder names short and familiar: Long names can be cut off in a folder window,
so use names that are short but clear. Choose names that will be meaningful later,
such as project names or course numbers.
• Develop standards for naming folders: Use a consistent naming scheme that is clear to
you, such as one that uses a project name as the name of the main folder, and includes
step numbers in each subfolder name, such as 01Plan, 02Approvals, 03Prelim, and so on.
• Create subfolders to organize files: If a file listing in a folder window is so long that
you must scroll the window, consider organizing those files into subfolders.
Creating Folders
You’ve already seen folder icons in the windows you’ve examined. Now, you’ll show
Shannon how to create folders in the Tutorial folder.
Creating a Folder in a Folder Window
• In the Navigation pane, click the drive or folder in which you want to create a folder.
• Click New folder on the toolbar.
• Type a name for the folder, and then press the Enter key.
• Right-click a folder in the Navigation pane or right-click a blank area in the folder
window, point to New, and then click Folder.
• Type a name for the folder, and then press the Enter key.
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