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ProSkills Exercise: Decision Making
Complete the Tasks and Monitor the Results
After you prepare an action plan and receive any necessary approvals, perform the tasks
outlined in the plan. For example, create or rename the folders you identifi ed in your
action plan, and then move existing fi les into each folder. As you perform each step,
mark its status as complete or pending, for example.
When you complete all the tasks in the action plan, monitor the results. For example,
after reorganizing your fi les, did you meet your goal of being able to quickly fi nd any fi le
when you need it? If so, continue to follow your plan as you add fi les and folders to your
computer. If not, return to your plan and determine where you could improve it.
Organize Your Files
Now that you have reviewed the fundamentals of managing fi les, organize the fi les
and folders you use for course work or for other projects on your own computer. Be
sure to follow the guidelines presented in this tutorial for developing an organization
strategy, creating folders, naming fi les, and moving, copying, deleting, and
compressing fi les. To manage your own fi les, complete the following tasks:
1. Use a program such as Word, WordPad, or Notepad to create a plan for
organizing your fi les. List the types of fi les you work with, and then determine whether
you want to store them on your hard disk or on removable media. Then sketch
the folders and subfolders you will use to manage these fi les. If you choose a
hard disk as your storage medium, make sure you plan to store your work fi les
and folders in a subfolder of the Documents folder.
2. Use Windows Explorer or the Computer window to navigate to your fi les.
Determine which tool you prefer for managing fi les, if you have a preference.
3. Create or rename the main folders you want to use for your fi les. Then create or
rename the subfolders you will use.
4. Move and copy fi les to the appropriate folders according to your plan, and
rename and delete fi les as necessary.
5. Create a backup copy of your work fi les by creating a compressed fi le and then
copying the compressed fi le to a removable disk, such as a USB fl ash drive.
6. Submit your fi nished plan to your instructor, either in printed or electronic form,
as requested.
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